Sunday, 17 February 2013

Naughty but nice...

Sausage rolls... chicken nuggets... tomato sauce....NAUGHTY! Right? Well, not if you make them yourself in your Thermomix! I was so pleased to find this recipe for Chicken Nuggets on the Recipe Community. They look like chicken nuggets, are very tasty, AND packed full of vegies, making them a wonderful lunch for my 18 month old daughter! Hooray!

But what about tomato sauce? It's usually a contraband item in our house, especially for the baby! But thanks to some amazing cooks out there, I found a fabulous recipe on Foodie Mum that uses tin tomatoes (which is wonderful since I didn't have enough tomatoes on hand) and is sweetened with dates and prunes! I was quite happy to feed this to my baby girl, knowing exactly what was in it... and by looking at it and the taste, you wouldn't know the difference!

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