Sunday, 17 February 2013

DIY...Y not!

I love craft and cooking! I especially love making gifts for people, as there is nothing more satisfying then the delight on their face when they see the work you've put in to create something just for them. As it was my good friend's birthday last week, and I ran out of time to sew something for her (which is what I usually would have done), I decided to cook for her instead! I just searched for "gifts" on the recipe community and was amazed at the selection of recipes to choose from. In the end, I decided on Blueberry and Cherry Spiced Jam (it was supposed to be rhubarb instead of cherry, but I couldn't get a hold of any on the day, so used cherries instead!), Balsamic Glaze (I was given a commercial version of this for my last birthday, and it was delicious... now I know how easy it is to make too!), Snow Balls (A nut based biscuit that looks very rustic and fancy), and Dukkah (which I tweaked a little to use up nuts i already had at home!

As well as these delightful treats, I made a loaf of 'Life Changing Bread', a recipe I had found on My New Roots, and was dying to try! I cut up a few slices and wrapped them up in cellophane to put with the other homemade goodies.

All in all I would say it was a hugely successful birthday present! My friend was absolutely delighted... and impressed that I would spend 'so much time' making these things for her. Little does she know how easy it is in a Thermomix!! He he he!

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